Ramos Encourages Groups to Apply for Newark Renaissance Trees Program

IMG_2284-300x225.jpgSeeking to encourage a healthier community, Councilman Anibal Ramos Jr. today invited neighborhood groups in Newark to submit applications to the Newark Renaissance Trees Program for the spring.

The Newark Renaissance Trees Program provides a minimum of 10 free trees to neighborhood associations, schools, churches, and non-profits in the city. The trees are also available to unofficial groups of homeowners that live on the same block or neighborhood.

"Not only do trees beautify our neighborhoods and add value to our homes, but they create a healthier environment by absorbing pollution," Ramos said. "Studies have shown that residents living in greener surroundings report lower levels of fear, fewer incivilities, and less violent behavior."

The Newark Renaissance Trees Program began in 2006 in the city of Newark to increase the tree canopy, improve the environment, and enhance the quality of life. Since the program began, the NRTP has planted 2,034 trees.

The application deadline is Jan. 31 and the number of trees is limited.

Download the application.

For more information about the Newark Renaissance Trees Program, visit the NJ Tree Foundation's web site.

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