The Ramos POTHOLE 411


The roads in our city are showing the signs of another tough winter. Potholes are everywhere. Please help us and report any potholes that you have encountered while driving around the city. I'll send a report to the right folks in City Hall so we can get our roads fixed.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

372 N 11th St Newark Nj 07107

Large pothole at this location with lots of water coming out...the community in this location is loosing water pressure including myself because of this please help us!!!

Route 21 North by Lombardy

Major pothole/bricks missing in crosswalk, right lane on RT21N, just North of the intersection.

Rt 9, exit to 78 and NJTP, around the bend and in the right lane are 2 major holes.

I blew out my tire and rim looks damaged as well. There’s no shoulder. I felt car pulling right as i approached the toll booths and pulled into the NJ State Police station right after to change tire. AAA deiver told me he had another just a few hrs before. As i got on the NJTP , no less than 2 other cars were being tended to. Likely from these holes. Stay left!

Cherry valley and weston

intersection of Elizabeht and Write.

two dangerously large/deep potholes been there for weeks.

Main Street and Grafton

Several potholes and 1 of them flattened my tire, so I was stalled out there last night. Thank God my Mom has AAA

4th street Newark,NJ 07107

Potholes are semi to extremely deep in this area. It causes certain cars to receive damage in the frontal section of vechile. There are also potholes that lead up to driveways which can become a difficult time to park vechiles.

directly to the east of 200 raymond boulevard

200 raymond boulevard just under 1 & 9 SB Ramp

In front of the house at 606 N. 3rd St

I live on a residential street. This pothole is getting bigger by the day that everyone keeps hitting it. I have seen multiple cars damaged and car parts falling off of vehicles onto my property at 602 3rd St. It also creates such a loud noise, day and night,when drivers hit it and startles my family.

McClellan St. and Runiak Ave.

Blew my tire out this morning on a giant pot hole under the underpass! Hope the tire is the only thing damaged. VERY DANGEROUS as people drive on the wrong side of the street to avoid it.

Broad St between 8th Ave & Grant St.

This pothole is huge and has been around for a few weeks. I thought I broke my axle today going into it.

North 9 th Street

North 9th Street between Park Ave and 6th Street block is in serious need of repair and repaving. Over the last two years it has caused damage to my vehicles. I live on this street and it is extremely difficult to avoid this area. I watched other areas around my neighborhood get patched and repaved but not 9th. I work hard and pay taxes and would like to avoid unnecessary repairs to my cars just because the street is not kept. There is also a vacant lot next to my property 85, that is unsafe, a hazard and eyesore to our street. I have sent several notices but they only come for the moment and the property is forgotten about once again. I am asking for assistance with these minor issue to create a safe and better place to live, not only for my children but my neighbors as well.

101 dayton place newark

Frontage Road

Vine Street whole block needs repaving

Please repave vine street

88 West kinney street

It’s right across the street is suppose to be a parking spot but the city came and fixed the drains after two month this big hole appeared no one is doing nothing about it please fix

McLellan Street toward 1&9

Wilson ave from Ave L to Jabez

There are craters that can and will consume your vehicle in front of your naintenance facility. You cannot even avoid it if theres oncoming traffic. Theyve been there for 2 months, they got larger with yesterdays rain.

Lincoln Ave (between Verona Ave and Irving St)

this street has been neglected for over 5 years. we need a brand new street. driving through this street is like driving through gravel and dirt with so many potholes

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