The Ramos POTHOLE 411


The roads in our city are showing the signs of another tough winter. Potholes are everywhere. Please help us and report any potholes that you have encountered while driving around the city. I'll send a report to the right folks in City Hall so we can get our roads fixed.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

466 Broadway Ave newark nj 07104

It is in front of our business. Cars come and go all the time.

At the foot of the Wilson Avenue Exit off of Route 1 and 9 South.

manhole cover is degraded and asphalt surrounding it has eroded. the ground is being undermined from the damage making the pothole bigger. PLEASE FIX

" road destruction on all of Lake street"

Most of lake street is a total wreck. I live at 788 lake st between Grafton and Heller and we have been waiting 3 years for our street to be repaved (it's beyond a simple repair). with lake street being main throughway a constant flow of cars and trucks are recklessly swerving all over the road from one side to the other into on coming traffic to avoid the destruction and chaos of giant pot holes that just get worse every day. add speeding maniacs to the equation and we have a war zone for children and pedestrians alike. We need a speed bump as well, many streets in our area have them and they work amazing. We have contacted every agency know to Newark with no reply and you are our last hope. Please Help get our street safe again for everyone who lives here. Don't let someone get killed before you do somthing.

Irving Street - Entire block

8-10 pot holes on entire block from Summer Ave to Broadway. Some of the neighbors even spray painted yellow paint around them to make them noticeable at night to avoid vehicle damages.

Cortland Place off Ferry Street

The whole street is riddled with potholes. The street looks like an alleyway which makes it look dangerous at night. The street needs a lot of work and although it is a small street It should be made a one-way in order to have proper traffic flow.

Doremus Ave from wilson Ave to turnpike ramp

Doremus Avenue from the turnpike ramp to Wilson Ave is HORRIBLE. Truacks, buses, and cars have to drive on the wrong side of the road in several area to avoid potholes that more than 6" deep and as much 3' in diameter. Pictures and the repair bills for dozens of people's suspension repair and wheel alignments will be forthcoming,

Newark St. between Sussex and Orange

Lake st form Montclair Ave to Verona Ave

Grafton Avenue - from DeGraw Avenue westbound towards Branch Brook Place

The road was repaired in patches a few years ago and the repairs have not held up well. It is unsafe when the road is ice and snow covered. Road was also damaged during storm that caused many of the large trees to be damaged and later cut down.

From 510 Ridge St. to Ballantine Parkway

Between 392 & 400 Ridge St.

Hedden Terr......the whole block

Exit 5 north on Mccarter Hwy

8th street front of saint francis church the whole street!

cartart street cross street summer ave and Lincoln

Academy St.

Academy Street between Broad St and University Ave. There's a huge pothole next to the security checkpoint outside the Prudential Building on Academy St.

Omfg... Delancy St East of Stockton!!!

Please help!!!

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