" road destruction on all of Lake street"

Most of lake street is a total wreck. I live at 788 lake st between Grafton and Heller and we have been waiting 3 years for our street to be repaved (it's beyond a simple repair). with lake street being main throughway a constant flow of cars and trucks are recklessly swerving all over the road from one side to the other into on coming traffic to avoid the destruction and chaos of giant pot holes that just get worse every day. add speeding maniacs to the equation and we have a war zone for children and pedestrians alike. We need a speed bump as well, many streets in our area have them and they work amazing. We have contacted every agency know to Newark with no reply and you are our last hope. Please Help get our street safe again for everyone who lives here. Don't let someone get killed before you do somthing.

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