The Ramos POTHOLE 411


The roads in our city are showing the signs of another tough winter. Potholes are everywhere. Please help us and report any potholes that you have encountered while driving around the city. I'll send a report to the right folks in City Hall so we can get our roads fixed.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

150 Firmenich way

We have entered in many claims to no avail. The sinkhole will cave any day now and someone will get hurt. This street has been neglected for over 5 years. We need a brand new street. Driving through this street is like driving through gravel and dirt with so many potholes. Many claims in the app and still no repairs

240-251 Leslie Street Newark

Please help address the hazardous road condition located between 240 to 251 Leslie Street Newark

Haynes AVE off of 1/9 south EWR airport

the Haynes Ave exit off of 1and 9 south a few yards past the on ramp heading towards the roundabout at the first bridge joint there is a huge crater that destroyed my front tire.

50 - 400 Doremus ave.

Please help address the hazardous road condition located between 50 and 400 Doremus ave.

41 Herbert Place

Newark Airport (Terminal C, Departure ramp on Level 2 economy)

I caught a flat tire when I hit this huge pothole. I wasn’t able to see it, since it was raining at the time.

Pulaski Street, the entire road must be repaved.

101 Commerce St near the fire hydrant

There is a sink hole slowly forming on Commerce St, this is the second time that this sink hole opened up. The last one was deep enough that an orange cone disappeared into it and wider then the height of an orange cone. I'm concerned because I've seen people parking on it which seems to be making the hole bigger, and I'm pretty sure there are water pipes under it, since the first time it sank water flooded the street. Its located on commerce street between the red fire hydrant and the street light ending in 7209.

7th Ave E and Summer Ave Newark

New road pavement at Ridge street (Park Ave & Bloomfield Ave)

Please be advised the following report is long overdue. It was not until during my Politics class, that former Senator Craig Stanley directed the class to who we can reach out to further assist in this matter. I moved to New Jersey about 6 years ago and have noticed the block where I reside, has even more potholes. Within the 6 years that I have resided here, I am now witnessing neighborhood blocks within 5 blocks of the distance of where I live are getting new road pavement. I have also noticed new traffic lights are in place, which is incredible given the fact there are schools nearby and this is imperative for the safety of children. Please note, that there are 2 things that are of high importance, and I would greatly appreciate it if this can be addressed as soon as possible. 1st- the entire Ridge Street block (between Park Ave and Bloomfield Ave) needs an entirely new road pavement. Anibal Ramos attached you will find a PDF that contains at least 45 pictures of potholes and the condition our block has been dealing with for at least 6 years. I say at least 6 years because that is when I moved to New Jersey. Finally, due to the safety of our Newark children, it is crucial that traffic lights MUST be implemented on Ridge Street and Bloomfield Ave. I cannot express how many times I have witnessed children trying to cross the road (Ridge Elementary School is near) whilst drivers speed in this area. Please advise of a time frame when our Newark Residents at Ridge Street should expect a response. Very much appreciated, KP

Exiting out of Newark, McCarter Highway, before Meineke cars care center

Exiting out of Newark, McCarter Highway, before Meineke cars care center; there is a pothole on the right lane.

Broad Street and Chestnut Street

The pot while is so big both front tires fit into it 😡

Bacus street and delancy street

60-65 Lister ave

Absolutely ridiculous that I am parked on the side of the road leaking brake fluid with flat tire because of this massive pothole. I am so furious right now, this is not the way I'm supposed to be spending my night waiting for a tow. How do I go about getting reimbursed for this?

McClellan StNewark, NJ 07114

Bridge Street between Broad St and McCarter Highway

There are multiple potholes on Bridge St between Broad St and McCater Highway. Cars have to avoid the potholes for the whole short drive. Thank you

Ironbound- 101 Chapel St., Newark nj 07105

Please help! The noise from when trucks hit the potholes are extremely startling and disrupting of sleep and business. Also vehicle damage

60 Lister Ave, Newark NJ, 07105 by Hello Fresh

There is a huge pathole right in the middle of the road on Lister Ave by Hello Fresh between the railroad tracks. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid it because of the heavy traffic (buses stopping, people walking in the middle of the road, trucks parked on both sides, other trucks turning in and out, hundreds of cars going both ways especially 6-7 am and 5-6 pm in and out of work). It is just a disaster. Anyway, I hit the pathole yesterday (not the first time) but yesterday it cut my tire on the side. Flat within maybe 2 minutes. It is now trash. Please kindly fix it before someone gets hurt there.

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