New road pavement at Ridge street (Park Ave & Bloomfield Ave)

Please be advised the following report is long overdue. It was not until during my Politics class, that former Senator Craig Stanley directed the class to who we can reach out to further assist in this matter. I moved to New Jersey about 6 years ago and have noticed the block where I reside, has even more potholes. Within the 6 years that I have resided here, I am now witnessing neighborhood blocks within 5 blocks of the distance of where I live are getting new road pavement. I have also noticed new traffic lights are in place, which is incredible given the fact there are schools nearby and this is imperative for the safety of children. Please note, that there are 2 things that are of high importance, and I would greatly appreciate it if this can be addressed as soon as possible. 1st- the entire Ridge Street block (between Park Ave and Bloomfield Ave) needs an entirely new road pavement. Anibal Ramos attached you will find a PDF that contains at least 45 pictures of potholes and the condition our block has been dealing with for at least 6 years. I say at least 6 years because that is when I moved to New Jersey. Finally, due to the safety of our Newark children, it is crucial that traffic lights MUST be implemented on Ridge Street and Bloomfield Ave. I cannot express how many times I have witnessed children trying to cross the road (Ridge Elementary School is near) whilst drivers speed in this area. Please advise of a time frame when our Newark Residents at Ridge Street should expect a response. Very much appreciated, KP

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