Sign up Baseball and Soccer This Spring

One of the greatest assets we have in the North Ward are the recreation programs we offer for our youth.


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Cold Weather Tips from the City of Newark

Mayor Ras J. Baraka and the Newark Municipal Council Newark warned residents that as Newark endures temperatures as low as Minus 4 degrees this weekend, residents should take measures to ensure their safety at home and when outside of the house. Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 16 on Saturday and drop down to Minus 4 degrees that evening, breaking the record low of 0 degrees set in 1979. While temperatures are expected to rise to 15 on Sunday, the forecast calls for continued cold.


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City of Newark Snow Removal Guide

With predictions of a major winter storm heading to Newark, here are some helpful tips snow removal tips from the City of Newark.


Streets must be cleared from curb to curb. Residents and business owners are encouraged to remove snow in a two-foot circumference from fire hydrants located in front of their residences or businesses.

Think safety for all. Clearing the streets of snow may require several passes of the snow plows. If you have no sidewalk, pile snow on the left side of the driveway (stand facing the residence). If there is a sidewalk in front of the residence, pile snow to the left of the driveway on either side of the sidewalk and to the right of the driveway behind the sidewalk (stand facing the residence).


Park all vehicles in the driveway during snowstorms to save time shoveling and to keep the road clear for snow plows and emergency vehicles. After plowing is complete, the front of the residence should remain clear of obstructions for later parking.


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